Hey guys I got a couple question for you. I am new to running a mother line for divers. I am wanting to know,(1) how far apart you set decoys on the line, (2) the depths on the lake I hunt run from 10ft to 100ft what would be the simplest way to anchor them down with the different depths. (3) what pattern should I use straight line, J hook or tight together and how long should the mother line be. Thanks for all the information you have to offer.

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I typically hunt the big water out on the eastern shore of NC so the anchoring I cant really answer for you. But a lot of guys love using straight lines just because it is extremely simple and tried and true. But honestly later in the season those spreads work less and less cause ducks dont sit in straight lines and they see that show too many times to keep falling for it. So I would mix it up some but just give the birds a pocket to land in. Or to come up into. I hope this helps you man and good shooting.

4 years ago