I hunt with some pretty good duck callers and many times we work more ducks into our spread when several of us call together instead of just one or two of us, but sometimes it seems to work against us. Looking for some tips on calling as a group?


The goal of any set-up is to fool ducks into thinking your spread is a group of resting or feeding ducks, and having more than one caller can certainly be an advantage. If you have hunted with someone for a while, you learn each other’s habits and calling tendencies. When everybody is spread out in the woods or in the field and one person spots some ducks, you can learn to tell what is going on just by listening to that person blow his duck call. You should blend in your calling with what he is doing. It’s not a back-and-forth thing. When my hunting partners and I are calling together, I listen to what he is doing and I try to do something opposite to sound like more ducks. If he is doing a loud coarse hen, then I might be doing a lazy hen or young hen. Mix up your pitch, tone, and volume to compliment what the other callers in your group do – not compete with them.

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