We're headed back to Iowa,from GA, to hunt the Mississippi River for a couple of weeks this year. Does my dog need to be feed more than usual due to working in a colder environment, buring more calories etc? He's usually worked twice a day now and eats Loyall 31/20. He's usually feed in the evening. Thanks for you input!


So sorry for the delayed reply. We have been in the field most of the last month, so my reply may be a little late, however, I do have some info on the subject of supplemental feeding. Loyall Professional is an excellent food, and in general I do not use anything else regardless fo the season. However, when hunting in a particularly cold or demanding environment I recommend altering yor normal feeding practices in three ways:

1) Feed a small amount in the morning before going out on the hunt. While you do not want your dog working on a full stomach, he can benefit just as much from a small, hot breakfast as you can.

2) Once in a while offer your dog a handful of his normal food during the hunt, especially if he appears cold or lacking enrgy.

3) Increase the total amount that you feed each day as the temperature starts to fall, and continue as necessary to maintain weight and energy.

Good luck,

J. Paul

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