Ive been hunting ducks for about 10 years and have hunted everything from rivers to small and large lakes and ponds. Primarily we hunt a small lakes and use 4-5 dozen decoys with 6-12 canadas as well. Primarily we hunt mallards. What is your expert suggestion on decoy placements... J, large groups, podding, etc??? We are average to above average callers and have very nice equipment...just want to make sure we are setting decoys to the best of our abilities. Thanks!!

I really like the "J" hook and the split set. It sounds like you have used the J before, and are familiar with it. I always set this up with my "hook" on the upwind side of the blind. I also like the split set where we will place a small number of dekes on the downwind side of the hole in tight to the cover, and a larger, looser spread on the upwind side.

Finally, I like to bunch my decoys based on where we are at in the season. In the early season we will often group our decoys by sex, with more drakes in the spread than hens to imitate the "bachelor" groups frequently seen in the early season. Late in the season we tend to pair drakes and hens together more.

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