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large amounts of spoonys and gadwalls few geese and many it was a good morning 7 gadwalls 2 spoonys and 1 snow goose

If hunting in water what was the depth?: 
Hunt Date: 
Sun, 11/04/2012 (All day)
How did you access this location: 
Hunters in Party: 
Sky Condition: 
Why did you choose this specific spot on this specific day?: 
i had set my blind there 2 weeks prior
Dogs used for hunt: 
Are the birds you saw: 
Roosting in your area.
Type of Land: 
Wind Direction: 
South East
Describe the birds you saw: 

most were low slow flyers

Forecast for day of hunt: 
Are you hunting over or near a food source?: 
Where did you stay the night before the hunt: 
What were the conditions the night before the hunt?: 
a front blew through
Score Card: 

strong wind out of the south very different than the north wind this time of year

Is this a place you hunt regularly or is this a new location for you?: 
Hunt here regularly
What time did you have to wake up to prepare for the hunt?: 
4:00 AM
Weather to the north of hunt location: 
clear and sunny
Is there any special license, permit, or area requirements.: 
What were the weather conditions the last several days, and how did you handle it: 
sunny and hot i threw more dekes out and didnt call as much
Area Seasonal Hunting Pressure: 
How far did you have to travel the day of the hunt?: 
40 miles plus a 15 mile boat ride
Beginning temperature: 
Ending Temperature: 
How many decoys did you use?: 
3 dozen
What Species of Decoy did you use?: 
Did you use motion decoys?: 
spinning wing
Describe your decoy placement for this hunt.: 
hunting a pothole so all around the edge next to the saltgrass and 1 mojo in the middle of the spread

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many gadwalls flying all around us

5 years ago

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