Come along for the ride as Drake Waterfowl's Migration Nation team travels the country in search of waterfowl hunters that go above and beyond for consistent hunting success.  This two-disc set includes over 3 1/2 hours of hunting action from Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Alabama, Maryland, and South Dakota.  Host J. Paul Jackson joins members of the Drake Waterfowl Elite Team and Field Expert Team for some great hunts in areas with a rich hunting heritage, but also some places that are not as well known for waterfowl hunting where hunters truly go the distance to create success.

Drake's Migration Nation captures the excitement of waterfowl hunting and combines it with the unique places and personalities that we discovered throughout the season.  Watch as we find great hunting, exceptional dog work, championship level calling, and come be a part of the Migration Nation.

Guests include:
- Wade Walling: Drake Elite Team member and 2010 World Goose Calling Champion of Champions
- Shawn Dulohery: Drake Elite Team member and 2004 Men's Olympic Skeet Team
- Eli, Rod, and Kelly Haydel: Drake Elite Team members and owners of Haydel's Game Calls
- Aaron Eberle: Drake Field Expert - Wisconsin
- Craig Rosenau: Drake Field Expert - Minnesota
- Diego Giminez: Drake Field Expert - Alabama
- Jeremiah Harston: Drake Field Expert - Kentucky
- Mark Schupp: Drake Field Expert - Missouri
- Terry Gibson: Drake Field Expert - Alabama

Two-Disc Set.  Total run time approximately 3hrs 40min.




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Migration Nation Season One DVD - 2-disc Set