This “Go The Distance” story comes to us from Brad & Vanessa McGregor of Decatur, Alabama. They submitted this story to us about their 9 year-old son Mason. When Mason was just 6 years old, he was diagnosed with Type-1 juvenile diabetes. This disease totally changed Mason and his family’s lives – taking regular shots, using an insulin pump, and daily blood sugar checks became the norm when most other little boys are rough-housing and don’t have a care in the world. Mason McGregorMason McGregorBecause the diabetes basically destroyed Mason’s immune system, he is highly-susceptible to viruses and sicknesses that most kids catch at some point in their childhood, so Brad and Vanessa made the decision to home-school Mason to get him out of the school environment where these common sicknesses can be passed around. Playing organized sports has also been a challenge. Mason’s dad has always been an avid hunter and he thought that duck hunting would be a good opportunity for just him and Mason to spend time together and keep Mason active at the pace that was right for him.


Mason immediately fell in love with duck hunting and it proved to be a great outlet for him to be an active little boy, just like all children should have the chance to be. But the family didn’t stop there – Brad and Mason started a call company together called MayDay Calls. Making custom duck and goose calls together gave them another opportunity to share something as a family and also give Mason something to look forward to in the off-season. Mason saw their call business as an opportunity to support a cause near and dear to him, and he suggested that MayDay Calls donate a portion of each call sold to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Not only does Mason draw on waterfowl hunting as a source of strength and passion for himself, but he also found a way to use waterfowl hunting to raise money for others that live with diabetes. Now that’s pretty impressive for a 9-year old boy, and we’re lucky to call Brad, Vanessa, and Mason members of the Migration Nation.

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Awesome group of people! Proud to call Brad, Vanesa, and Mason Man friends!

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