My friends and I hunt an area that holds a lot of Canada geese and we have good success during the early part of the season but we have a hard time finishing geese at the end of the season. Any tips for finishing late season geese that get a lot of hunting pressure? - Michael V. - Pennsylvania

You should always have a calling and flagging plan when hunting with a big group, and this is especially true during the late season.  Designate one person to be the lead caller, and this person should be responsible for setting the tone, timing, and how aggressive the group should call.  The lead caller can also be in charge of flagging, since he should already be the one keeping his eyes on the birds at all times.  Having a calling and flagging plan and one person leading the strategy for the group will help keep the whole party focused on calling the birds they need to be called and reduce the chance that one or two people call too much, too little, or at the wrong times.  Create a calling and flagging plan and make sure the whole group is on board and you will put yourselves in a better position to finish late season birds.

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make sure your hidden well, and think about changing up your spread. Thinking about adding decoys or taking some away from your spread. Change up the pattern you use to set out your decoys. Don't hunt the same field or spot on the field day after day. Just like the birds seem to keep us guessing, try to keep them guessing by not giving them the same look that they see every day from other hunters. On the last day of this season I put out only 12 decoys in a single group set slightly to the left of our blinds, and we had geese come in without even having to call at them.

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That look your dog gives you when you miss that bird that you should have been able to hit while blind folded.