do you find that a jerk string makes your decoy spread more real and do you use it often

Duck Thangs and Wonder Ducks make it happen!


Without a doubt jerk strings work, but there is a better way.

I am a firm believer that motion and ripples on the water in a decoy spread trump ultra realistic decous and huge spreads every time. Therefore, I NEVER go into the field without some way to put a ripple on the water on a calm day. For years I wore my arm out every day pulling on a jerk cord with up to a dozen blocks tied to it. More recently I have abandoned my jerk string in favor of the Duck Thang and a few Wonder Ducks.

Today we use a Duck Thang threaded throughout the hole with a couple dozen decoys to give the appearence of ducks swimming, and then we further enhance the spread with a combination of up to half a dozen Wonder Duck Cyclones and Tornados. By doing this we get tremendous movement, we get by with a much smaller spread, and my arm does not fell like it is about to fall off at the end of the day!


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I like to use the rig'em right jerk string set up, it is compact and easy to transport. I will normally use it when there is a lot of hunting pressure in the area to give me a leg up on the competition. We can use any electric decoys in my area so the movement that these provide really make the difference on days that the ducks are flying over spread after spread, once they see some decoys moving they think they see live ducks and bomb in like they have nothing to fear.

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That look your dog gives you when you miss that bird that you should have been able to hit while blind folded.