Hey so I'm 15 1/2. We own a 80 acre pond type area. I mainly hunt with my dad where we put 5 dozen mallards and about a dozen sprig and teal. And usually put 8-10 speck or snow floaters. What should I do if I want to kill more specks and snows. By the way I'm trying o find some goose and duck calls, and decoys. Any recommendations?

Big Goose45,

Thanks for the question. Let's start first by talking about decoys and Specks and Snows. I am believer in a combination of realism and movement. For both ducks and Specks the size of the spread is usually not as important as how visible it is and how much movement you have in the blocks. On a number of occasions we have successfully fooled Specks with a half dozen dekes and good calling. Snow geese, on the other hand are another matter altogether. To be successful with Snows the larger the spread, the better. If you are setting out a rig each day to take a combination of species, you are probably already doing all that you can for Snows.

About calls. Quality calling is very important when it comes to decoying Specklebellies. Haydel game calls makes some of the best Speck calls out there, and their Specklybelly Compensator is an excellent call for a beginner. As for duck calls, I blow a Calef Double Curl most of the time, however there are a number of excellent duck call makers. As a general rule, a double reed is easier for the novice caller to blow, so I would suggest that you start with an affordable double reed and move on to a more versatile single reed acrylic as your skill improves.

Hope this helps!
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This is my second year hunting waterfowl but I have been out there for a couple of years watching and learning.  I agree the more movement you can get the better.  If you have 100 mallards but they are all sitting still than from the air it doesn't look interesting.  Think of your decoys as a you marketing ad to the waterfowl.  You want to both grab their attention and make them want to come in.  So, add some action.  Snows are the craziest birds I know.  Like they said above the larger the spread the better.  Unless you have a lot of snows working your area I would not focus much on them much.  They love lots of noise and fields and are usually in huge groups.  Hunt the specks like canadian's I use a RNT Speck hunter.  This call is tricky because it requires large volumes of air and short bursts.
I started again with a RNT Hunter Mallard call.  It is a single reed so a little harder to pick up but it comes with a great DVD to help you get started.  If you want a inexpensive call try the duck commander classic.  Double reed and very easy.  Learn that single quack and then start stringing them together.  It won't hurt anything if you do your single qwuack while others are calling as well.  For Canada geese Zink PC-1 comes with dvd and will help you get started.  Geese are very suspicous birds so practice a lot.  I don't support Haydel because of some very unsportmen like behavior in his past of killing way over his limits giving the waterfowl hunters a bad name. Good luck with the hunt and spread and remeber to always have fun and not to get frustrated it takes time and patience.



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