J. Paul, my dog was force fetched by Justin Etter over with Chris Akin so I know it was done correctly. It's been about 2 years ago since that was done. My dog has gotten to the point he chomps the bumper and rolls it in his mouth when he returns to heel. I pop him under the chin and tell him to hold but it hasn't seemed to help the problem. I also apply collar pressure and tell him to hold when he returns, I've tried nicking him and telling him to heel or here just before he gets to me, hoping that will take his mind off chomping as he returns. He doesn't chomp when I walk him at heel with the bumper in his mouth. He is a high drive dog and I don't want to negatively effect that. I don't want this to carry over to the duck blind this year, what can I do to fix the problem?

Big Daddy,

If this is a problem that has escalated over the last two years I would suggest that you revisit force fetch. As you pointed out, Justin is a fine trainer, and it may be that your dog just needs to revisit what Justin previously taught him.

You could also try wrapping the dummy in wiremesh or some other material that will be uncomfortable to chomp down on. Some old-timers would go as far as sticking nails through a pigeon do discourage a dog from mouthing or bite down on a bird. The goal is to teach the dog that chomping is undesirable, and will have a negative effect.


J. Paul

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Big Daddy, I would like to also recommend to re visit the table work .But before I to the wire or nails , try just working with a larger object. very hard 3'' bumpers work good ,3''or 4'' pvc capped on both ends wrapped with athletic tape (you get the point) the deal is to work him with a full mouth. he's not going to be able to work it around in his mouth, he's shouldn't be able to crush or squeeze to ,really puts the idea just to hold. The corrections are still the same,up under the chin. As far as e-collar correcting this (not that i don't try , I do find that with alot of dogs it just makes it worse) next thing is call your trainer and ask if the dog was stick drilled.If not that works wonders for settling the working mouth.

4 years ago