This story is from Bob Wagner from Port Charlotte, Florida. Bob’s grandson, Nicky, came to him and said he wanted to go duck hunting. Their best opportunity for hunting access was along the Atlantic coast, so Bob set out to fulfill his grandson’s request and build them a low-profile, but stable boat. He looked at the boats on the market and talked to various boat makers, but couldn’t find anything to accommodate two adults plus his young grandson, so he decided to build his own. After one attempt at a prototype, Bob built a boat to his specifications entirely of fiberglass. It measured nearly 14 feet long and 5 ½ feet wide and took Bob 30 days of 10 hours a day to complete it, but he stayed focused on the goal of introducing his grandson into waterfowl hunting. When it was finally finished, he loaded up the boat and headed to New Jersey where he met his son Joe and grandson Nicky to go hunting. He must have done a great job, because he entered his boat into the Ocean County Duck & Decoy Show and won 3rd place in the sneak boat division.

Bob went to great lengths to build a boat help introduce his grandson to duck hunting, and we thank Bob for sharing his story of how he is going the distance. If you or someone you know has a story like Bob Wagner’s, please go to the website and share your Go The Distance story with all the members of the Migration Nation.

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