First Ducks of the Season

A buddy and I got 3 ducks Saturday morning. Pretty eventful hunt. Ducks were working good but didn't want to decoy. 2 teal and 1 gadwall at the end of the day.

Teal season in southeast Louisiana

Had a great teal season. Easy limits. Ready for big duck this weekend. teal seasonteal season

me and my dad hunting


coldwater ms
111 cherry dale loop
United States
34° 40' 45.1308" N, 90° 2' 8.5884" W

me and my dad have been hunting ducks for a year now. it is getting hard for him to hunt ducks because of his back and knees. I wish I had a good place for him and me to go hunting.

Abbreviated ending due to the Vortex's little brother


Northwest Lower Michigan
United States

Here in Northern Michigan we usually get a protracted ending to our waterfowl season, with the big red legs funneling through right up the to end of November, which is usually the end of our season. Usually we are upset by the lack of ducks still on their way here at the end of the season. This year we got hammered by super cold temps, ice and snow which pushed even the hardiest of ducks right through our zone. Even the Buffies flew right by.

northeast alabama

Season here in North Alabama got off to a good start.Problem now that i am finding is no ducks on flooded timber ponds where i usually hunt. Dont get me wrong we will get 5 or 6 ducks a morning but nothing like we saw opening morning.Anybody else in my neck of the woods having this problem?

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Opening Weekend in So IL

Had a great opening weekend here in So IL. We hunted a combination of flooded bean fields and timber. Between a three people group we killed 35 ducks in three days. By far our best season opener ever.

train bird dog

I'm fairly new to training bird dogs I have always hunted without a dog and I'm wonder if anybody has any tips that I could use to get my dog to pick up the duck. She is a pretty good dog very obedient and trained very well I'm just having a hard time getting her to pick up the bird.

NC Duck Hunting

I have recently been out of luck finding a good duck hunting spot, I have tried almost all the game lands around my area of Central N.C. and they are just over populated. Any suggestions? Does anyone know of a spot near Raleigh, North Carolina?

Duck Leases

Does anyone know of any duck leases in the northeast texas area that i can join?

2014 Preseason Scouting Arkansas Delta


Proctor, Arkansas
United States

I spent some days in the field looking at Arkansas Duckmasters blinds. It appears this year is going to be better than last year. I saw a few early arrivals and the timber has a good acorn crop.

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